Difference POPREEL P1 and POPREEL N1

Difference POPREEL P1 and POPREEL N1

POPREEL N1 is a refillable pod system. It is one of the Uwell electronic series, N1 and P1 are the product in those series. It is filled with a 2mL pod that can be refilled. The weight of the coil is 1.2ohm. It produces strong flavor and good steam from most people's juice and salt. Using the activated method, the popreel N1 pod system is easy to learn and interact with. It will prove an excellent product for any company.

The Uwell popreel, also known as P1, is the first device in Uwell's electronic cigarette series. The popreel P1 is a robust, powerful, uwell popreel with a favorable legit MTL draw belongs to uwell electronic cigarette series, and it is also known as a quick-firing coil that provides high-quality vapes. Popreel is also known for these vapes.

This article will discuss  Popreel and the difference between popreel P1 and  popreel N1. Read the full article to get the information. Hope this article will be beneficial for you in future while you go for purchasing anything related to Uwell.

What is Uwell Popreel?

Uwell is a series of pod devices. Vapers know Uwell for its top-rated "Caliburn" series. The Series of pod Vapers includes the Caliburn G2, Caliburn AK2, Caliburn A2, and many more, and other pod series of Uwell is the "G" series. You can change or replace the coils in the "G" series of devices. Another series is the "A" series. The lock is in-built into the "A" series and can't be removed.

Difference Between POPREEL P1 And POPREEl N1.

Here is the difference between Uwell Popreel P1 and Uwell popreel N1.


The latest pod series of Uwell is "P," which is Popreel P1. It is similar to the "A" series. Like Caliburn A2 and Caliburn AK2 because it has in-built pod coils. Most people have yet to learn the exact scene of popreel  even after searching up and down on Uwell's website. It is considered a mystery till now. Well, pod devices are their example in the market. When I unboxed the Uwell Popreel P1, I thought it was a product of well. The size and shape of P1 are identical to the Caliburn G2 and Caliburn A2. The Popreel P1 is 108.22 mm in height and 22.5mm wide, and 13.2mm deep. It is considered an ideal size and weight for a pod vape. These features make it more comfortable and perfect for your pocket. The pods of Popreel P1 are unique, and they are not compatible with the other Uwell pod Vape. That is the reason P1 has a design of "stepped" where the pods can connect.


Popreel N1 is a pod device of Uwell, Has in-built pod coils of 1.2ohm. It has a pod capacity of 2mL. It also has an in-built battery of 520mAh. The  popreel N1 kit comes with durable PC material, is lightweight, portable, and easily fits in hand. Its battery is charged with a tiny USB port, and Its coil delivers strong flavor to your e-juice or nicotine salt and outstanding production of vapes. Its maximum wattage output is 10W.


In this article, we talked about Popreel. We also discuss the difference between Popreel P1 and Popreel N1 from Uwell electronic cigarette series. I hope you like this content and that it might be helpful to you.